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About us

It is about time we introduced ourselves.

We are Georgi Vasilev and Karmen Bournaska.

Georgi has an intriguing background and childhood. He grew up in a democratic family in a totalitarian country. His parents were of artistic background and he could often be found playing around with the actors in the Shumen theatre, where his father was a playwright. It was at this time that he developed his passion for photography, inspired by the famous Bulgarian photographer Yordan Yordanov.

Later he moved to Sofia with his family, but as he was a very lively teen he had to move with his grandma in Poland for some years, where he finished his photography studies and found a new passion for cinematography and videography.

Georgi wearing in line skates and holding a gimbal with a camera on it.
He often is shooting with his inline skates which gives him extreme maneuverability and in the same time smooth shots.

Georgi is also a very keen athlete, he started skiing as a kid and has also competed professionally for 7 years as an adolescent, in his teen years he discovered in-line skating and was a pioneer in the sport in his home country of Bulgaria. He finished second on the off-road championship of the Balkans in 2014, he started sailing as a kid with his parents and participated in the building of three of the boats they sailed on, he is a snowboarder and a BMX rider.

This resulted in him being extremely well prepared to put to practice his skills in the movie industry - he has shot over 170 movies in the span of 20 years as a cameraman.

Georgi rigging cameras on set.

You can check his IMDB page and see which movies in the list you know and like the best.


Karmen also grew up with the spirit of adventure and close to the nature. She loves to travel and is also a fan of extreme sports. After 5 years as a cadet purser on ferries in Italy and France she came back for good in Bulgaria. She speaks French, Italian and English fluently and is currently a producer in their joint project, One Try Productions - a commercial video and documentary production studio, she and Georgi created during the COVID-19 pandemic when everything was closed and the cinema industry suffered a great recession and difficulties.

Girl paragliding into the sunset over the lake of Ohrid in Macedonia.
She loves paragliding.

Karmen and Georgi share a passion for ski and this winter season they will spend it in the mountain resort Borovets and will collaborate with the Ollie Moly Ski/Snowboard Hire & School in the goal of inspiring and helping people to get the most of their stay in the mountains.

Below you can take a small virtual tour of Borovets in the winter that we made last season:

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